Men On Ice

She loves men on ice
shaken not steard
with lemon and salt
spiced with Tabasco or soda.

She loves men on ice
browned skin and slim ass
bald and blue eyes
all arisen from a glossy illustrated catalogue.

She loves men on ice
brawny like Hercules
gracil like Adonis
with bodys like greek demigods.

She drags on her tiger skin
perfumed with the air of wildness
She hunts her men
till they sweat.

She bites’ em
and she plays with’ em
till they melt away in their juices.
All night long.

She loves men on ice
so cold and dead.
She devours’em
she seduces’em

She loves men on ice
in a crystal glas
with an olive an a toothprick
to spike’ em.


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Men On Ice – 2005  

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